The fundamental objective of the CTE’s training area is the continuous formal and informal training for teachers, students and technicians from different high schools, universities and companies. The center has been involved in European projects concerning professional training and education able to promote new and flexible ICT techniques.

CTE is experienced in conducting effective training on use of mobile devices in teaching-learning process and contributed in previous projects to the development and publication of online courses and distance learning in the field of environmental protection. We are able to supply expertise in different engineering domains, as well as e-learning training programs. Combining the experience of ICT with a large knowledge base and years of experience in the field of educational software from a variety of complementary fields (i.e. ICT, Medical Informatics, Mechanics of Materials, Science of materials, Electrical Engineering, Renewable energies et. al.), has been the key to success.

Among our successful projects, in which we take pride in, we mention:

- Partner in a ESF project (more than 100 high-school teachers trained in developing and using eLearning interactive lessons)

- Active support for life-long-learning activities (ESF project with more than 1000 teachers training in different technical fields)

- 3 Transfer of Innovation, 1 Grundtvig and 1 LdV Partnership projects

- Active participation to International Conferences and scientific articles publishing 

What makes us the perfect partner for your project?

- Possibility to take advantage of foreign languages and educational potential of the team members
- Our knowledge on the latest trends in training
- Availability and flexibility to finish tasks in the required deadline 
- A young and flexible team
- Web design, programming, networking, database management
- Consultancy service in the field of Structural Funds
- Experience and contacts in ICT
- Research activities


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