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Romania (România) is a country located north of the Balkan Peninsula on the western shores of the Black Sea. It is a country of great natural beauty and diversity and a rich cultural heritage. Romania enchants visitors with its scenic mountain landscapes and unspoilt rural areas, but also with its historic cities and its busy capital – Bucharest (Little Paris). Over the last decade, it has seen significant development and is one of the most recent members of the European Union.

The official language of Romania is Romanian, limba română. Romanian may or may not be difficult for speakers of other languages. It is very similar to Italian, and, to a similiar extent, other Romance languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, etc.), so speakers of these languages are more at an advantage. The national currency of Romania is the leu (plural lei), which, literally translated, also means lion in Romanian.

Romanians are quite hospitable and they welcome foreign tourists. Perhaps the most famous historical figure is Vlad (1431?–1476), a prince of Walachia who resisted the Turkish invasion and was called Tepes ("the impaler") and Dracula ("son of the devil") because of his practice of impaling his enemies on stakes; he was made into a vampire by Bram Stoker in his novel Dracula. Things for which Romania is famous also include: the Carpathian mountains, Gheorghe Hagi, Nadia Comaneci, Constantin Brancusi, wine, medieval fortresses, Mircea Eliade, Dacia cars, Dracula, stuffed cabbage leaves, the Black Sea, sunflower fields, painted monasteries and the Danube Delta.

Romanian food is distinct yet familiar to most people, being a mixture of Oriental, Austrian and French flavours, but it has some unique elements. The local dishes are the delicious sarmale, mamaliga (polenta), bulz (traditional roasted polenta, filled with at least two kinds of cheeses, bacon and sour cream). Romania has a long tradition of making wine (more than 2000 years of wine-making are recorded), in fact Romania is the 12th (2005) world producer of wine, the best wineries being Murfatlar, Cotnari, Dragasani, Bohotin. 

Population: 19.848.504

Religion: Eastern othodox: 86,8%; Protestant: 7,5%; Roman catholic: 4,7%; Muslim: 0,9%

Ethnic groupsRomanians: 89,5%; Hungarians: 6,6%; Roma: 2,5%; Ukrainians: 0,3%; Germans: 0,3%; Russians: 0,2%; Turkish: 0,2%; Other: 0,4%.

Here are some pictures from Romania:

Palace of the Parliament
View Country side
Statue of Decebal on the Danube
Traditional Food
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