About Us


“Centrul de Training European” (Engl: European Training Centre) is a non-profit entity http://ukessayclub.com with juridical personality, supporting the research, expertise and training activities. CTE is actively committed in the establishment of an ongoing and effective dialogue between members, focused on Training, Research, Development, and Innovation.

In conformity to its statute, CTE aims to:

- encourage, organize and support lifelong learning activities, contributing therefore to the development of the Community as an advanced knowledge-based society;

- foster, interchange, cooperate and create mobility between education and training systems in European Community;

- support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practices.

Our main goal is to find the most challenging projects. We manage to stay updated with the latest technologies, by creating dynamic teams around each project. Sharing knowledge with each other and keeping a strong focus on results is part of the success.












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